Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bliss Like This

As time flies by - seriously, how the heck is it already December?! - I'm taking a moment to stop and review the past twelve months. It has been one of the best and busiest years of my life and as a result i wasn't online, researching or blogging as much. I was however busy throwing myself headfirst into new experiences, meeting new people and gaining new perspectives. The photo above is me wandering barefoot on a beach in one of my favourite places and was taken by one of my favourite people.

Some of the highlights from this year include:
  • Gaining some new friends
  • Seeing old friends move away, take risks and explore new opportunities.
  • Disengaging from negative or toxic individuals.
  • Traveling to Ireland for the first time in 3.5 years
  • My mum having a successful recovery after major surgery
  • Getting engaged to PMV, my loving, respectful and hilarious partner in consciousness/mischief :)
  • Getting my Canadian Permanent Residency
  • Traveling to new places
  • Taking up Bikram Yoga and practicing regularly throughout the week.
  • Becoming more self aware and health conscious.
  • A new apartment a stones throw from the sea
  • Became the delighted owner of some beautiful artwork by Famous Empty Sky and Alice X.Zhang
  • Landing a new, bigger and better job that's a ten minute walk from my home with a boss who actually treats me with respect.
  • Learning that as i left my 20's behind that I still have the capacity to surprise and challenge myself. That doing so may not always be easy but the results have been more beneficial than i could ever have imagined.

2012 was a year where i made an active effort again to dispel 'that which does not serve me', whether it was negative/toxic individuals or situations; and realised that i have the power and capacity to direct and shape my life. It's a strangely enlightening experience to sit down and work out what in your life (people, habits, situations etc) is beneficial and what makes you feel sad, angry, inferior, manipulated etc.
You may not always choose your circumstances but you can choose how you react to them. I strongly believe that if something is contributing to your stress/upset/unhappiness, you have the power to change it. Do it. Trust me, it may not be easy and it may take time but the results can be astounding.

I'm so grateful to those who are present in my life (be it near or far away) and have found that taking stock of the things I'm thankful for has actually allowed me to focus on the positive which in turn appears to have invited more of the same into my life.

Thank you for reading and stopping by even though i haven't posted much this year.

With love and light,
Green of Eye

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