Sunday, February 22, 2009


"Quotes are nothing but inspiration for the uninspired"
Richard Kemph

Another day trickles by. I stare at a blinking cursor waiting for words, images... something, anything to flow. The past few weeks have been a period of introspection where the usual stimulants (art, music. film) are almost too much for my brain to process, posts sit unwritten, a line here and there, thoughts scattered.

Plucking myself from my comfort zone in Dublin, where surrounded by friends, life ticked along but never felt truly challenging. Moving to Vancouver has stirred all sorts of emotions and forced me to examine 'who' i am and what my place in this world is.

I'm usually of the opinion quality over quantity, i usually write when i have something to say rather than posting for the sake of posting. In this instance it's more like trying to kick start an engine that's ground to a halt...

Image: Yale Classes


Andrew said...

Every time I sit down at the computer recently I realise that anything I try to write would end up much like the post you've just written. except mine would be far less articulate.

I honestly think writing about having nothing to write about is a perfectly valid thing to do. As long as you don't do it too often.

Lottie said...

I;ve heard similar sentiments from others over the past few weeks. The sense of obligation being the main factor disrupting the flow of insiration.

You could always come home? ;)

Or try some creative writting ideas. I live this one:

Sean Jeating said...

Ha ha, here's comfort: a third in this very league.
As for the 'intro': It depends. Why should one not here and there set a quote that hits the nail instead of trying to re-invent the wheel?
Once being told he were a lousy writer, Kavanagh reportedly said: [quote] Aren't we all since Homer?[unquote]
So, don't worry (too much). Sooner or later your muse will kiss you, and Pegasus will give you a good ride.

Anonymous said...

So how are you enjoying your new life in Canada?

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@Andrew: And even with that i still struggled with placing those few words together!

@Lottie: I'm not entirely sure where it's stemming from. The move has made me look at things in a different light and has taken me out of a comfort zone. Which can only be a good thing, i tend to think challenges are good for people.

Think it's just a case of being gentle with myself and not feeling guilty over the lack of regular posting.Thanks for the heads up on that site, it'll be of use :)

@Sean: Thanks for dropping by, hopefully it'll pass. This week has seen a number of blogs drop like flies so i'm not the only one feeling it.

@NM: I'm settling but a lack of full time work probably isn't helping the mind frame. Oh and thank you so much for turning me onto Grandadbob :)

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