Monday, March 30, 2009

Between The Lines

I was introduced to the work of artist William Holland when he sent a friends request on MySpace about 3 years ago. I started to follow his work and was amazed at how simple and beautiful it is. Based in Omaha, Nebraska he has 2 passions: art and working as a CNA and rehab tech which involves aiding individuals who have suffered a spinal cord or brain injury regain independence.

He uses pen, ink and paint and armed with a rich imagination he creates pieces that are at times quirky and surreal. I like how simple and uncluttered some of his work is, the simple use of lines and effective use of colour enhance the pieces. I think sometimes it can be easy to do too much to a drawing, with lines and color making a piece ‘busy’. Not in this case.

His website is still under construction but he can be contacted via williamrobertholland [aT] gmail [DOT] com or at his Myspace or Facebook pages in the meantime.

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