Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8 x 8 = 888888

As a general rule i don't do meme's. However Mr Rick O' Shea passed on a little something that was concise and didn't involve reams of information. This is my first (and final) one. I'll throw it out there for anyone to carry it forward, should you wish!

Eight things I like:

Being immersed in a good book
Rummaging through charity/vintage stores
Dipping my finger in wax
Chai tea (it's a hug in a mug!)
Cleaning with loud music when there's nobody in the house
My grey hairs
The Smell of Cigars, burning kerosene, fresh laundry, wallflowers, baking, leather and horse manure.

Eight things I did yesterday:

Wondered how the heck did i end up where i am today.
Scanned the long list of people I've been meaning to email or contact
Reread 'Howl' by Allen Ginsberg
Listened to Rachmaninoff Concerto No 2 in C Minor Op.18
Checked out flights to NYC
Made yet another list
Ripped a chunk out of my stress ball at work
Lusted over a custom feather hat/headpiece on Etsy

Eight things I wish I could do:

Blog/ Write for a living
Swim properly
Meet more people who spin fire
Make myself go to Bikram Yoga 6 times a week
Own a harp
Go to Africa to work with a charity
Finish a sketchbook once i start it

Eight things I dislike:

Violence in films
Velvet / Loose cotton wool (Can't touch the stuff without wincing)
Text speak
Runny egg yolk
Being rushed
Fair weather friends


Anonymous said...

I love this meme - you found out such quirky and interesting tidbits about people and I often find myself nodding in agreement to most!

I *love* dipping my fingers in wax too and covering each tip with a little wax cap. Funsies!

Anonymous said...

I hate text speak too. Are you flying to New York?

Lottie said...

Yay - a kindred spirit- I like dipping the tips of my fingers in wax and peelit off as if Im peeling off my identity.

And as for Cotton wool, when the dentist puts it in your mouth....bleaugh!

Meadow said...

I'm so happy to discover all these kindred finger in wax dippers. I've never met another. I love it, five at a time, and making little sculptures/faces with them.

Shall we start a club?

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@Anneelicious: I liked this one coz it was short and sweet.Plus i'm a sucker for the number 8 :P

@NM: Call it wishful thinking!It's insane-you can fly from Vancouver to Paris for the same price as a flight to NYC!!

If i do get to head over,it'll mean travelling to Seattle or Bellingham and flying from there as it's much cheaper.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@Lottie: It's addictive and i usually get asked what am i doing. So it's nice to know there are so many of us out there. Is it a female thing though?!!!

@Meadow: I love waiting for it to harden and then tapping it on a surface. You can imagine the fun i had in college with huge vats of liquid wax :)

I can only imagine a bunch of us sitting around with wine and tealights :)

Anonymous said...

I feel honoured that you took this on, thrilled that I wasn't the only person listening to Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto yesterday.

It came on Lyric and always stops me dead in my tracks when I hear it.

Brief Encounter has a lot to answer for in my life :-)

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

It's short,it's sweet and i like the number 8!

I first heard Concerto #2 about 12 years ago and it still has the power to blow me away every time i listen to it. Even though i feel i should be doing something epic whilst it's on :P

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