Thursday, August 13, 2009

Warning to Women in Vancouver

I know this isn't really art/culture/design related but i do know that quite a few of you reading are from the Vancouver region. I wanted to spread the word on this and would ask that you do the same, especially to any women you know. Over the past 10 days or so a man has been approaching women in the downtown area-specifically the Burrard/Dunsmuir area.It emerges that he is quite active and has assaulted a number of women. He has approached at Bentall Towers 1 & 2, Burrard Skytrain station and also the Terasen Gas building. There has been no mention of him approaching men yet but that's not to say he hasn't/won't.

He is Caucasian, balding with dark fringe, stocky, 40 – 45 yrs old. Pictures are above. He claims he is from San Francisco/California, working in the movie industry and has given a number of reasons for approaching them e.g: needs to "borrow" some money for a taxi to get to work, needing some assistance etc. He has then punched a number of women.
There are 2 different clothing descriptions – paint on clothes (almost as if he works in construction) or clean cut.
If you see him, do not approach him and call the VPD or 911 immediately.
Update: A man was arrested circa noon on July 13th in connection with the assaults. Investigators are not releasing his name as charges are pending in the case.

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