Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"I love my grey hairs. I've earned each one.”

He sat waiting outside a café whilst thumbing through a book, I rushed flustered and breathless into a firm handshake. A face that threw me for a loop, open and sun speckled, inquisitive blue eyes, greying temples and an easy smile. Gentle voice with umm’s and quiet laughter.

Breeze blowing across the park bench as Canada turned 143. With chai tea warming my palms I stole glances, teeth glimmering as he spoke of Indonesia, language, history, insects, music and life experiences. I felt like a child bestowed with a secret as he showed me a city garden hidden by a thicket of green.

The city splayed as we walked.
13 hours spent spinning stories and revelations regarding lack of inner images.
An insatiable curiosity about the world
A hug farewell.

Never one to leave a sentiment unspoken,
believing honesty to be the only policy .
Over analysing the 'why's' and 'how’s' and 'what’s'.
Walking away disappointed as Ms Emma Goldman returns home.

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