Friday, September 17, 2010

Frickin' Laser Beams

Hands down, the coolest use for a laser that I've seen to date!

Daito Manabe is a Japanese-based composer, media artist and DJ who has previously explored making music with his facial expressions. Motoi Ishibashi is a programmer, artist, designer and engineer. The two have collaborated to develop a simple but unusual visual display system. They have developed a system where they direct laser beams at a screen that has been mounted to the wall and coated with photo luminescent or glow in the dark paint.

A computer processes a digital image and then triggers laser beams which are directed at the screen. Each 'shot' or blast of ultraviolet light results in a an area or 'pixel' of glowing green light. In order to get a realistic and accurate image, graduation and shading is created by adjusting the timing of the laser and the newer a shot then the brighter the slight. The completed image will gradually disappear over a period of a few minutes.

Daito Manabe

Motoi Ishibashi

Source: World Business Satellite

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