Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Love #2

It's been a while since I've done a blog love post. The following bloggers are thought provoking, gutsy, funny, outspoken, courageous, artistic and intelligent (although not necessarily in that order).

Shoplifting in a Ghost Town

Chloe Rice is a New York based photographer who mixes music, photography, film, food and snippets from her life on her blog.


Annie & the Little Pinch of Salt

Annie is a photographer/artist/writer who takes beautiful photographs and is one of the most eloquent bloggers around. A gifted storyteller.

"I started blogging in 2006 when I was living in Iceland and didn't have any friends. Since then I've documented two relationships, three break-ups, a journey to Everest, and one long, hot, entirely inappropriate love affair with Nashville, Tennessee. You'll have to search the archives: I cannot bring myself to speak of such things again."


The Anti-Room

The Anti-Room was founded in 2008 by four Irish journalists including Anna Carey, Sinead Gleeson and Edel Coffey who initially wrote under pseudonyms. After a sabbatical Carey and Gleeson returned as site managers/editors. The site has continued to expand, with an extensive list of Irish female writers covering everything from feminism, religion, pop culture, politics and personal observations.

"I once bled onto a Flintstone sock for four days in a Ballsbridge bedsit ’til it was hard enough to slash through human flesh or qualify for a Garda weapon’s seizure. Another time the man I was sleeping with just plain refused to crawl into my bed: ‘June, I can’t…there’s a phone in there and a half-eaten plate of pasta, beer cans and what looks like a piece of an ironing board.’

He was very sweet not to mention the month’s worth of dirty clothes, unread books, loose wires, odd shoes, an upturned lamp and decorative wooden salad fork set I bought as a present but was too lethargic to pass on. While not very apt descriptions of prototypical depression, these two scenarios sum up the cloisterphobic clutter and superglue awfulness of an internal mood shift that can recalibrate your customary life into a bizarre orgy of silent dislocations."


Molls She Wrote

Boston native Molly McAleer documents her life in L.A as a "blogger and internet personality". She is searingly honest, funny as hell and has worked for Defamer, Gawker, Thought Catalogue and The Smoking Jacket among others.

"The universe is fucking cyclical, dawg. I have been in so many situations in my career where I’m interviewing someone who’s being a life-sucking dick the entire time and I just wanted to say to them, “Hey, fuckface! I don’t give a fuck about your movie as much as you don’t give a fuck about telling me about it. I really don’t care. So why don’t you give me my quote so I can leave and you can fulfill your obligation to the studio to promote this piece of shit?”

Molls She Wrote
Molls on Twitter



"Zoetica Ebb – artist, photographer, writer, magazine editor, style technician and cosmonomad. I believe in making life extraordinary and beautiful through all means necessary. I can be hired to write, photograph or draw – simultaneously, if the price is right."

Zoetica has previously worked as a freelance makeup artist, a fashion columnist and photographer with Suicide Girls and in 2007 co-founded Coilhouse Magazine with Nadya Lev and Meredith Yayanos. Coilhouse is a web and print publication dedicated to alternative culture.

Zoetica on Twitter



An anonymous L.A based blogger who combines a feisty attitude and a no bullshit approach to life, love, sex and drugs. Be warned - those who seek her advice will hear the uncensored version, she doesn't sugar coat things. For example:

"At moments like these, I want to drive up to Forest Lawn, find Walt Disney’s grave, dig up whatever part of him wasn’t cryogenically frozen, and bitch-slap him for infecting generations of American women with something I like to call “Prince Charming disease.” This is a terrible affliction that causes grown-ass women to ruin perfectly good relationships by pining away for a nebulous cartoon fiction: passionate, steamy, “happily ever after” love."


Image of Molls: Jennifer Nies

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