Thursday, March 01, 2012


'Visions' is the new album from Vancouver born, Montreal based Claire Boucher aka Grimes. Drawing from a DIY ethic and involvement with Vancouver's punk/industrial scene and  Montreal's Lab Synthèse, a 4600sq ft re-appropriated textile factory; her third full length album was entirely recorded in her Montreal apartment. 

I've listened to her previous releases but none grabbed me in the way 'Visions' has. It showcases her evolving sound: swirling synths, punchy beats and those quivery,sweet vocals combining to shape beautiful soundscapes.  

She describes her work as “the only means through which I can be fully expressive. It is both an ethereal escape from, and a violent embrace of my experience. The creative process is a quest for the ultimate sensual, mystical and cathartic experience and the vehicle for my psychic purging. Visions was conceived in a period of self-imposed cloistering during which time I did not see day-light. ”

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