Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You Know You Want To

And now for something completely different!!

I've been a busy bee over the past 2 weeks with gallivanting round parts of Europe and sleeping and trying to get prepared for moving to Canada. But there is one particular event that I'm excited about for many reasons, one being I'm gonna be doing something at it! IMOCA (Irish Musuem of Contempory Art) are officially launching on November 7th and will be throwing a fundraising party on Friday 31st October. It's gonna be a mixture of art, music (Bands and DJs), performance and film. Gonna be a blast and something different for Halloween!

Using a live web video connection to noise noodle chefs in international cities including New York, Seoul, Vermont and Kiel. Bassai Dai is a networked Noodle making Noise Jam! Party Goers will be invited to serve themselves noodles from Bowls mounted on spinning home made DJ decks or become part of the action by providing Mario Kart music by playing the Super Nintendo which will be mixed with sounds from Kiel in Germany where Patrick Wagner and Heiko Wommelsdorf are also cooking Japanese Ramen Noodles with sound machines!

Kunal Gupta will be providing vocals while Dong Eun Kim responds with live painting from Korea. Donnacha Cahill will be chopping vegetables on an electric guitar while vinyl will be shredded by Ane Sagatun and Emma Wade amongst others. Ramen Noodle Chef Supreme Joan Healy will be cooking, cooking, cooking while that tenuous link between the discordant sounds from around the world; which will be held tight by Ivan Twohig on the mixer.

Plus with under a week left till the US presidential elections scary stories will be told, read over skype from the book "The trial of Henry Kissinger" by Christopher Hitchens. Other events include a Super Mario Kart Championship, an exhibition of CCTV mixer piece "Random Me" by artist Benjamin Gaulon and there will also be a screening of the film "Lessons of Darkness" by filmmaker Werner Herzog.

Smooth liquors and cocktails provided by Delbert Grady and Jack Torrence from The Overlook Hotel

Fancy dress essential.

tickets 12 euro available at door/ NCAD student union/ email IMOCA
start 8pm

in association with Quarantine Gallery Project #003

How to Get There


Lottie said...

Sounds interesting - but alas I will be strutting my fish nets at the Sugar Club for Rocky Horror.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@Lottie: Enjoy it m'dear.Vamp it up!

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