Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Many thanks to Wendy B for bringing my attention to a situation that i was previously unaware of. The photos you see are of the Nielson family who live in Arizona. Stephanie Nielson is better known to some of the blog world as NieNie. She has been blogging since 2005 and has built up an avid readership. Her posts act as a home life diary for a stay at home mother with four children. Following her thoughts on motherhood and family life; and peppered with candid pictures, a sense of love and unity radiates off the page (her kids are adorable!).

Christian Nielson (29) and Stephanie ( 27) were injured when a private plane crashed in August. Both suffered severe burns but Stephanie sustained 80% burns over her body . The third person on the plane, flight instructor Doug Kinneard, died the following day from his injuries. Christian has left hospital and is slowly recovering but Stephanie is still in the Arizona Burn Unit, Third-degree burns took almost all the skin from her back, chest, face, arms and lower legs. She has been kept heavily sedated and has gone through 19 surgeries to graft skin onto the burns

It's likely she will be in the burn center for another few months and then many, many months in rehabilitation. There will be more surgeries over the next few years. They've raised more than $150,000 so far to help with medical costs, which will most likely stretch into the millions. Click on the blue button below to donate to Stephanie. Every cent counts and will go towards helping her recovery.

For more information : Nie Recovery
Group Family Photographs by Wendy Whitacre

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