Saturday, December 27, 2008

Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat

It's strange how this blogging lark has seeped into my life. Not a lot of people know about it- i like the notion that it's almost my little secret and i use it to keep my creative spark smoldering. An Cathach started as an outlet for things that i found interesting; almost like an online journal. I find so many interesting and inspirational things (in my opinion anyway!) online but have a head like a sieve at times and it became a way of keeping track.

It was a bit of a surprise when i found myself twitching over the past 3 weeks with a lack of regular Internet access or a semblance of routine. I've started to scribble thoughts/ideas/inspirations in a notebook in an effort to prevent them from floating away!

My experience with blogging over the past few months has been brilliant; and as a result I've met some truly amazing people (both online and off) that i may have not had the privilege to know otherwise. I'm still amazed at the idea that someone may take the time to have a wander through my blog-Thank you for your comments and input

I want to wish each and every person that reads this a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2009. Hopefully good things are in store

Onwards and Upwards my darlings!


Sarah Gostrangely said...

Thanks GOE, and same to you.

Yes blogging has become a very necessary-brain-sorting-out tool for me since I started. Don't care my friends call me bloggeek ;)

Good luck in Canada, was thinking of doing the same myself next year...let us know your thougths on the land of maple...


Anonymous said...

oooh you're back! now I can do the happy dance.

Lottie said...

My sentiments exactly.

Happy Christmas & have a great New Year GoE.


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