Wednesday, July 08, 2009

An Cathach Turns 1 Today

This little corner of the World Wide Web is 1 year old today!!

I have difficulty finishing a sandwich or a sentence at times, so managing to maintain this for 12 months has been a surprise in itself. There are a few people in particular that have been really supportive and encouraging over the past year and you should check out their sites if you haven't done so already:

To those of you who take the time to read, comment and email I’d like to give something back as a little thank you. I'm going to put together a free mix cd full of aural goodness. If you'd like one then email me with your name and a full postal address (via the contact button on the right hand side) asap. I'll be making a limited run of these so get them whilst you can.

You. Yes you! Who visits regularly but leaves nary a trace, feel free to step out of the shadows and leave a comment. Who are you wordless people?!

Special thank you to Padre who unknowingly nudged me towards the world of blogging. Your kindness, endless patience and creativity are truly inspirational. Much love.

Right. I'm off to eat some cake! (any excuse really :P )

Cupcake Image: TheresaThompson


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday An Cathach and congratulations Green Of Eye!

You light little fires everywhere,
they let me see things I never would see, may you do so 'til the whole world is ablaze.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday An Cathach,looking forward to another interesting year.

Lottie said...

Happy birthday to you M'lady. Wow. It feels like so much more than a year and not at the same time. So much has happened. You live in a different country for goodness sake.

Im on a mix tape buzz at the moment. I'd love one - but only if we can do a swapsies.

Anonymous said...

:-) Huge smiles and a big hug to you. Encouragement? Nonsense. I would similarly like to arrange a hostage handover of mixtapes...

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

How did you know i was obsessed with fire! :P Thanks for the well wishes.

Hello! Cheers for stopping by and commenting.Here's hoping to another year!

I know,it's crazy right?! Yaaaay for new music.Will send you an email shortly to get some info.

Aw big hug to you too! Seriously,you were supportive whether you realise it or not ;P
Ditto on the email to get info!

Meadow said...

Hurrah and happy birthday to you, my dear!

I'm raising a glass (unfortunately only water but I'll do it properly tomorrow night) to An Cathach and to another wonderful year.

You bring so much pleasure, so a big thank you also.

And please put me down for a CD, you have my details.


Darragh said...

Ah bless you for that. I haven't been around much recently - I'm taking time off, would you believe, but I'll be back :)

Can you drop me an email when you get the chance please and merci buckets?


B said...

Bon anniversaire!
The 12th month was the hardest for me(of the first year), so congrats on getting by that

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

I hope that the water was replaced by copious amounts of alcohol :)

Your writing brings me oodles of pleasure and I'm warning you now that I'll be taking first dibs on a signed copy of your novel!

Yayyy, i guessed you're a busy bee at the moment. Take as much time as you need, blogging will still be there and you'll be rested. Will drop you an email in the next day or so.

Cheers for the well wishes m'dear! It's progressed in waves, some months are more inspired than others. All in all a learning curve i guess!

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