Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wax Wishes

After 46 years of collecting and 36 years of running Record-Rama, Paul Mawhinney owns a vinyl collection that includes more than 200,000 45's, 300,000 compact discs and a total of more than 2 million recordings.

Record-Rama closed its doors in February 2008 and the future of Paul's records is uncertain. He turned 70 in September 2009 and has been forced to put his beloved collection (which is the largest in the world) up for sale due to ill health and financial concerns. There have been a number of bids to purchase the collection but none have followed through.The collection is valued at $50,000,000 but Mawhinney is now offering it for a mere $3,000,000.

If i had a spare 3 million i'd buy it in a heartbeat but i can only imagine the work and maintenance that goes into a vinyl collection this size! To read more about the collection and info about the sale check out:

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