Sunday, July 06, 2008

Who is 'Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw'?

Green eyed Irish woman living in Canada.
Lover of cake.
Imbiber of scotch.
Scribe of words.

Enthralled with the idea of making a difference in the world. Pursuer of stimulation and inspiration; whether it's in the form of art, films, literature, fashion, music, culture, people or places. My interests are numerous and constantly changing. I started An Cathach in July 2008 in an effort to stop driving my friends crazy with a constant slew of "you need to check this film/band/artist out" emails :)

Music, clear communication, sarcasm, making lists, stuffed olives, people, good food, gigs, photography, jaffa cakes, esoterica, whiskey, vinyl, lying in tall grass, baking, dipping my fingers into wax, reading in bed, chai tea, sleep, fire spinning/poi, vintage clothing, non violent communication(NVC), red lipstick, bikram yoga, arguing and debate, art, playing the piano and harp, talking to strange dogs on the street, tattoos, shoes, storms, strolling in the rain and mythology.

Dishonesty, greed, mind games, velvet, the item that passes for cheese in North America, people with expectations who issues demands rather than requests, parsnips and chewing with an open mouth.


JSG said...

Wow! Yours is an interesting blog... and your interests varied. I appreciate your naming of it after Irish Literary history.
keep the good work up. Interesting photography too.
Unforgettable really.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@JSG: Thanks for the kind words!

Mise said...

I guess the world domination would start with dominating Canada - how is that going?

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Mise: It's going as planned :)

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