Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ten Days #4

Usually 500,000 people infiltrating downtown for the Celebration of Light fills me with dread. However i found a not so busy vantage point and had a blast this year stretching out on the grass with friends to watch the Vancouver skyline shimmer with fireworks.

Staying in a cliff side cottage that overlooked the Pacific and lounging in the hot tub watching the night sky pulsate with stars makes for one very relaxed weekend. I'm ridiculously lucky.

Discovering new breakfast joints where the pancakes weigh as much as a small child. Truly.
Two pancakes equal one heck of a food baby.

Walking on hot sand then wading through ice cold water.

My custom build from Jett Grrl came home and it was love at first spin. She's been christened 'Akira' and one of my new favourite things to do is take off on a three hour bike ride.


Radge said...

Pancakes - hungry making.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@Radge: Somedays I don't see the appeal of a mound of carbs for breakfast but that's because i'm jonesing for a proper fry up

Radge said...

I'll have some Superquinn sausages in your honour so...

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