Monday, January 21, 2013

Au Courant

Some of my favourite graffiti recently has come from the spray can of Goin, a French artist who has make a name for himself within the graffiti community over the past decade. His socially aware work casts a critical eye over big business, politics, modern living, materialism, greed and corporation. Although he mainly works with stencils for his street art, he also creates sculptural pieces and prints. 

His involvement in the world of street art stemmed from his time playing guitar in a French punk band in 1994. The bands bassist created artwork for their albums and Goin became interested in how images could be used to manipulate the masses (slogans, advertising, logos etc) and how by putting a personal spin on these, viewer perception could be modified. His art acts as a wake up call to critical thought and a willingness to create change.

To see more of his work:

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