Friday, September 26, 2008

Fo' Shizzle Fizzled

I've been a mooching Minnie with uploading photos from the Bloggers Vs Hip Hop night. So without any further ado:

These ladies know their stuff: The
Glamorous BlueBirds

Mr Mulley may shoot lasers from his eyes but Rick has his own personal lighting team

The Delightful Mr Doyle

Chancing his arm?

Victory went to the bloggers as Snoop Dogg played a lack lustre set to a 50% full RDS Simmons court. Actually we kicked Snoops ass....I heard reports that he ran crying to his ma after the show.

Darren and some of the lads planning their next bold move

The lovely Lottie ponders the plan

Strangest sight of the evening had to be the ' i lv sheep' t-shirt i spotted on some young wan! She made it herself apparently. Nuff said

Certain photos have had to be excluded to protect the identities of those involved!

That means:

Green Ink who produced the most amazing pair of underpants!

Slyscribe who has the most amazing shoes.Wantsies

Annelicious who is deadly.End of.

Great to meet some new partners in crimes yet uncommited :P Hopefully we'll do it again soon.


Andrew said...

Well, I suppose it was time Darragh and I came out anyway.

Great post Mar, nice one :)

Lottie said...

OOh - Dirty looks! Argh!

Green Ink said...

Fo' shizzle we wizzle.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures :)

Andrew looks like Darragh's dad!

Anneelicious said...

Awww you're deadly too Mar, fanks!

Great photos too, especially Rick's light show. I don't remember seeing the 'I LV Sheep' t-shirt at all!

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@Andrew: Actually i thought you looked like you were trying to nick Darraghs beer :)

@Lottie: Dirty looks? Nah, you seemed like you were analysing the situation!

@Green Ink: Mos Def!

@Raptureponies: Cheers! I hope i get to meet you before i abandon Ireland in Dec.

@Anneelicious: Weeeeeeeeeeeee!The sheep t-shirt was taken in the beer area,she didn't seem to pleased when i first bounced up to her but once she saw the camera it was a different story. Little did she know i'd be using it online.Heh

Bluebirds Are So Natural said...

Glamorous? Oh no. Nervous, oh yes. Lovely to meeeeeet you. x ailbhe

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Nervous? Seriously? Naaaaah no need.Thems is good people!

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