Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

I was lucky enough to receive a double dose of Ms Amanda Palmer over the weekend. She was kind enough to take some of her younger fans into consideration; due to the fact that the show in the Academy was 18's and over they wouldn't have been allowed in. She and the Danger Ensemble appeared in Meeting house square, Temple Bar on Friday night to sign Cd's, play a few songs on a ukulele, cut hair and startle passers by.

She sang a few covers on the ukulele,from Radiohead to Rihanna's 'Umbrella' and then one new song that was written in the past few weeks about her parents deciding to sell her family home. I usually prefer to not meet musicians i admire, due to some disappointing past experiences. But she was friendly, warm and approachable.

Supported in the Academy by Zoe Keating and Jason Webley, cellist Keating wove intricate layers by using live sampling. Accordion player Webley instigated a few hundred people to stick their right index finger in the air and spin around 12 times. The drunk people were especially fun to watch!

Palmer was lifted on stage by the Danger Ensemble, clad in a veil (which i think was a nod to her days as the '8 foot bride', a living statue) and proceeded to blast into a 13 song set with the song 'Astronaut. Her experience in theatre, as a street statue,her ease of interaction with the crowd really shone through on stage.

Her set consisted of a mixture of songs from her new album, a Neil Gaiman original 'I Google You', 2 Dresden Dolls songs: Half Jack and Coin Operated Boy. She finished on the Bon Jovi song Livin' On a Prayer (which would make my teeth grind at the best of times but somehow sounded ok). It was easily one of the top three gigs i've been at in the past year or so; i'm envious of anyone heading to see her on the remainder of the tour!


Lottie said...

Wow - Some great pics there GoE

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

Cheers m'dear. I'm dying to get my paws on a decent camera then i'll have a better chance at capturing the pictures properly :)

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