Saturday, March 21, 2009


Currently rocking my world with their infectiously fizzy mixture of squelchy blips, dirty beats and tongue in cheek references to a sexual act: Fagget Fairy's. The FF's are Carla Cammilla (Beats) and Ena Carli Cosovic (Vocals), a dynamic duo who say that "Fagget Fairy's are an explosive cocktail of Islam, lesbianism, true love, and relentless beats."

Yugoslavian-born Ena met Carla Cammilla Hjort (aka DJ Sensimilla) who was DJing in a Copenhagen nightclub. In an attempt to impress, Ena stage dived from the DJ booth right onto a beer bottle, leading to 15 stitches and a busted knee. Despite the fact that Cammilla was already in a relationship and factoring Ena's Muslim upbringing, their love for each other and for music prevailed.

After the release of an EP in 2007 and multiple live dates, their debut album 'Feed The Horse' is pencilled for release on March 30th. It was recorded and produced in New York City; with Grammy award winning Rasmus Bille Bähncke as lead producer side by side with Carla.


Anonymous said...

how I wish I my speakers were working :-(

Have to ask my DJ son if he's heard of them. Have you looked at his website yet Greeneyes?

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@NM: When you get access to some def check them out. The song 'feed the horse' is addictive, i find myself humming it constantly!

I knew your son DJs but didn't know what his name was, must go check out his website now :)

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