Friday, July 24, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

The past few weeks have launched me onto an unexpected emotional roller coaster and as a result I'm white knuckled and hoping to get to the end of the ride. After a stranger showed me kindness today i was surprised and touched. I was coincidentally (or perhaps not?) sent a link to this site by a friend a few minutes ago and it brought a flutter to my heart. 'Gives me Hope' (GMH) is where people share with the world the most hopeful, uplifting moments of their day and allow others to draw strength from their experiences. It was just what i needed, along with todays incident to remember that the kindness of strangers isn't always a rare thing and can restore one's faith in people.


Lottie said...

"I work in a coffee shop, and every time I make a hot chocolate for someone, I like to draw a pattern in chocolate sauce on the froth relevant to what I think they'd like. Smiley faces for little boys, love hearts and butterflies for the girls and sometimes, if I'm really lucky and hear their name, the first letter. Their laughter GMH."

Awww! That's so lovely.

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...


It's so easy to focus on negatiev stuff sometimes but it's nice to be reminded that people can be very kind.I really like the following:

"My family and I were shocked to hear that my aunt and uncle had sold their gorgeous home and bought an old armory. They had already raised two children and could have relaxed and retired in 10-15 years. They're turning the armory into a battered women and children's shelter. GMH"


"Today, I saw an old coworker from the company I got fired from. I told her how I haven't had a job in a year and how I'm a month away from foreclosure. She told me that she got promoted to the head of my old department. She offered me my job back. She GMH"

raptureponies said...

Ah, I just looked at the site not expecting to be as moved as I was by that... lovely

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...


Glad to have you back missus! Yep i thought it was lovely too and hence i'm trying to spread the word :)

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