Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cup o' tea an' a slice o' cake

Currently distracted and disinterested. Smothered with flu and attempting to comfort myself by watching kids TV on YouTube. One in particular warmed the cockles of me 'art...watching this i regress: aged 5 or 6,sitting in front of my grandmothers fire chewing on a fig roll. Ah bliss...Now i'm off to make a cup of tea


Lottie said...


I used to be called "Worzel" in school because of my big hair. Kids are b@stards! :(

HairyFish said...

mmm Aunt Sally :p

get well soon...

Thanks for the flashback!

Green of Eye, Sharp of Claw said...

@Lottie: Nooooooooo. Worzel was never meant to be used for evil, only for good! Children are evil.I've been saying it for years.Anyway feck 'em, you have the last laugh-great hair,successful life in the city etc.

@Hairfish: *cackles loudly* Splinters? Much?!

Anneelicious said...

They seriously don't make kids tv like they used to. That was ace.

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